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The Seven Headed Snake - Inyoka Makhandakhanda!

The mysterious seven headed snake has been talked about for generations in Swaziland.

Many people regard it as a myth but there are also people who say that it does exist. It is a bit like the Loch Ness Monster story...what we need is for someone to actually take a photograph of it as evidence! The seven headed snake is large, snake7.jpg (18728 bytes)

about 8 metres long and has wings but no feet and it also has very sharp teeth. It lives in the lakes and dams of Swaziland and travels in the river too.

It is extremely dangerous, so if you see it donıt go too close as it swallows people whole and the lake turns to blood! The problem here is that it can also change forms and become a beautiful young maiden.

A man will approach her and then find himself becoming very dizzy and will fall into the river - and end up being eaten by the snake. There are many of these snakes in Swaziland.

The female will lay eggs in the water, there are usually only 2 or 3 eggs. Female snakes will live together but the male ones prefer to live alone. There is a warning out to not pick up any strange eggs near a river or dam.

If you do take one home and the egg hatches do not harm the baby seven headed snake because if you do, the mother will find you and kill you. The best thing to do is to pick it up and throw it into the river. The seven headed snake can fly as well and when there is a storm you will know it is in the air.

They like to hide behind dark clouds that travel fast across the sky! Watch out when the snake is flying because if it bends one of itıs heads towards your house then your roof will blow away! If you have one living near you and wish to get rid of it then you can place a large mirror in the lake.

Once the snake sees itıs reflection it will fly away. Remember also that some people feel that the seven headed snake does not like to be talked about and will come after you if you do so.

Many people also say that large companies have been asked to put money into the river every few months in order to keep the snake happy. What the snake does with the money is not clear, but if it does not get enough it will go on a rampage and destroy your business.

So, it might be a good idea if you are near any water to throw a coin in to keep it happy.

Remember to have your camera ready when you are travelling around Swaziland and try to get a photo of this elusive monster...but be careful!


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